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I'm sure you're now wanting to see how you can book that retreat, weekend getaway, or anniversary treat in our well reviewed bed and breakfast, well that's actually really easy to do...

We are listed on AirBnB and at present this is the easiest way to book with us.  They provide an excellent service, including insurance and vetting of possible guests that we very much appreciate.  You will also be able to read reviews from previous guests, giving you a verified source of information about our annexe, and what it is like to stay here.  Just click on the link below to reach our page on the AirBnB site.

If you would like to get in touch with us before booking, or to check on details for your stay, please feel free to contact us through our contact details at the bottom of the page. 

If you have stayed with us before, please feel free to get in contact and we'll see if we can fit your dates in.

To book with us please use the link below:

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